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Few things in life are more frustrating than experiencing challenges with your roof. Whether you're seeing falling shingles in your yard or suddenly need to leave buckets scattered around your home to catch the leaks, many of the signs of roofing problems are hard to miss.

However, not all roofing problems are obvious from ground level, making regular inspections an important part of owning your home.

Regular Inspections

There are certain times when you should have professionals come to inspect your roof such as after a major windstorm or when you’ve experienced damaging hail.  Everyday exposure to the elements over time causes wear and tear that slowly ages the roof and the seals and boots that are keeping your roof watertight. All of these details can start to leak if not properly maintained. These small leaks significantly reduce the life of your roof and can cause major structural damage to the rest of your home if not taken care of when they first appear.  Periodic inspection and maintenance can help extend the life of your roof, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

A thorough roof inspection involves a variety of different checks and measures, including the general condition of your roof deck, the seals around all “penetrations” (chimney, vents, pipes, skylights) and your ventilation.  Repairing any problems before they advance can keep you from needing a new roof before the shingles wear out.

Common Roofing Issues

If our roofing contractors determine that your roof will need some maintenance or repairs, there are some common issues to expect as the homeowner.  The pipe boots and metal flashing around chimneys wear over time and need to be resealed or replaced if badly damaged. If your home’s flashing was improperly installed, you might find leaks where the roof meets a wall, causing water to leak into the main structure of your home.  Chimney flashing needs to be checked and caulked if wearing to keep it watertight for the life of your shingles. Exposed nail heads anywhere in your roof deck can cause major damage to your roof deck over time.  A single nail pop can track up to a gallon of water per hour into your attic in a storm.  These issues can be easily fixed if you catch them early, or can cause serious structural damage if not addressed.

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Roofing Repairs

Spencer Roofing handles roof repairs of all kinds. We will repair your roof whether we installed it or not and are experts in finding leaks. Our repair services include:

  • Leaks of any kind  
  • Blown off shingles/ chimney caps
  • Nail pops / caulking
  • Ice dam removal / repairs
  • Storm, tree, or “critter” damage
  • Repair or replacement of flashing, ridge vent, can vents, skylights, and soffit vents

Ice Dams

An ice dam is an icy ridge that forms when water freezes on the edge of a roof or on top of the gutter rather than draining off.  The normal freeze and thaw cycle in Michigan winters can cause these areas to grow solid ice over a foot thick which backs up your roof deck as it grows.  When this ice is more than 3 feet up your roof deck, you may not have ice and water shield to protect it from leaking back into your home (as 3 feet is all the state requires contractors to use!). Ice dams should be professionally removed if they get too big as the weight of this ice can pull your gutters off and damage the roof deck.  This work is extremely dangerous and can do more damage to your home if not handled properly.

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