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Since 1980, Spencer Roofing has been a trusted choice for West Bloomfield area homeowners when it comes to roof replacements, repairs, inspections and maintenance service. At Spencer Roofing, providing exceptional customer service is our #1 goal. We understand that your home is an important investment. Your concerns are first priority, and we will help you select the most appropriate roofing system to meet your needs.

Experienced and honest, our team has a great reputation as your "hometown roofer" that cares about your home and property like it's our own. Founded by David Spencer as a two-man team, Spencer Roofing grew and thrived in the 90's into a company doing major condominium complexes as well as homes of all sizes. We have come full-circle and now specialize in serving homeowners, who have always been the roots of our business.

Protecting Your Home is Our #1 Priority

At Spencer Roofing, we believe your roof is the most important part of your home. When it comes to protecting your house, your family and your belongings from the elements, nothing is more crucial than your roof. We also believe a well-constructed, properly ventilated, insulated, and maintained roof should last at least 20 years before complete replacement is necessary. We do our best to repair and maintain your roof if possible.

West Bloomfield's Full-Service Residential Roofing Solutions

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Roof Replacement

Worried your roof has problems? We're here to help! We are proud to have experienced, honest salespeople who have the integrity to NOT try to sell you a new roof unless you need it.

Our hardworking staff, competitive pricing, and satisfaction guarantee keeps our customers confident in their choice to work with our experienced team. We deliver great value by consistently offering the highest quality materials and workmanship at competitive prices. We stand behind our work, which is why over 70% of our business comes from referrals!

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Roof Repair

Spencer Roofing handles roof repairs of all kinds. We will repair your roof whether we installed it or not and are experts in finding leaks.

  • Leaks of any kind
  • Blown off shingles/ chimney caps
  • Nail pops / caulking
  • Ice dam removal / repairs
  • Storm, tree, or "critter" damage
  • Repair or replacement of flashing, ridge vent, can vents, skylights, and soffit vents

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Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Spencer Roofing is proud to be the only Copper Cat® installer and distributor in Michigan. Copper Cat® is an innovative roof cleaning product that keeps your shingles clean by preventing the growth of mold and algae.

Invented by our founding father, David Spencer, these specially perforated copper strips can be added to the top of any sloped roof -- new or old. Copper Cat® works for the entire life of your roof and prevents streaking, making it easier to maintain your home's curb appeal.

Why do Michigan homeowners always choose Spencer Roofing?

The Spencer Roofing Co. installed a new roof on our church during the month of December 2002. They did a complete removal of existing shingles and replaced numerous wood boards before the new shingles could be installed. All of the work was done to our complete satisfaction. Many extra improvements were made that were not listed in their contract. Their clean-up was perfect. It should also be mentioned that their personnel were extremely helpful, courteous, and above all very likable. The best that can be said of this company is that we would hire them again in any future roofing that we may require. Roofing Companies West Bloomfield MI - Spencer Roofing - star2B. Stuart, Pastor, Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church, Plymouth, MI
Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my roof. I am very happy with the result. I am definitely going to give your name out to anyone that needs a roof in the future. Roofing Companies West Bloomfield MI - Spencer Roofing - star2Jim E.

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, we've got you covered! Contact Spencer Roofing today by calling (248) 926-5800, or fill out our quick contact form. We'll call you back within 24 hours!